Do I have to own land to build a Leonardo OasiHouse Villa?

We build the Leonardo OasiHouse Villas on order of those who already own a land. In case you do not have it, we can help you find it by contacting market operators and professionals in the area of interest to obtain suitable land for the construction of your Leonardo OasiHouse Villa after you have chosen the one most suitable for your well-being.

Do you build only modern Villas with flat roofs or also in other styles?

We build houses of any type of architecture. Our patented construction system is flexible, adaptive and highly versatile. It allows the construction of architectural forms that are difficult to achieve with traditional construction systems. The lines of flat roof Villas are in great demand but we can build them with any type of roof even with multiple pitches with any type of slope.

Can I also build a Villa on several floors?

Of course! Our patented construction system is also used to build entire modern buildings with the best performance. Ours has been optimized, for the construction of the Leonardo OasiHouse Villas, by engineers and architects who have participated in the construction of large international projects. The guarantee of stability is absolute even on several floors, so much so that our Villas are earthquake-proof.

Will the construction system used for the Leonardo OasiHouse Villas penalize the value of the property in the event of future resale?

Absolutely not! Far from it, it will increase its value. The Leonardo OasiHouse Villas have ease of resale and greater economic appreciation for two main reasons:

• The first is that the patented construction system used is widely known for the durability, integrity, stability and eco-sustainability of the construction.

• The second reason is that the Leonardo OasiHouse Villas are the best the market can offer today as our focus is on obtaining the best energy classification for the family's greatest economic savings, the best living comfort and a level of finishes well above current market standards.

These qualities are much sought after and appreciated by potential buyers looking for homes with high standards, they are taken into serious consideration by potential buyers to establish the real value and selling price.

Can I keep my architect for the design of my Villa or do I have to rely exclusively on yours?

Absolutely yes! We love to satisfy our customers in everything, if you wish you can use your architect or you can contact ours who will still follow all his directives.

If I use my architect, is his cost discounted from the purchase price?

The work of our team of architects and engineers is a free added value that we give to our customers, so the price of the house will be the same for you whether you use our professionals or yours. In case you use your architect it will have an additional cost. The executive project of your Villa will in any case be reviewed and possibly optimized by our technicians who have the experience and specific knowledge of the patented construction system we use for the Leonardo OasiHouse Villas.

Is it possible to build a completely customized and personalized Villa?

Certainly. If you like one of our Villa models, you can take inspiration from it and change the spaces as you wish, customizing it 100%. You can also choose to create a totally new and tailor-made one. Leonardo OasiHouse makes your dream come true!

What characterizes the Ville Leonardo OasiHouse?

The Leonardo OasiHouse Villas are highly innovative for the supporting structure and for the technologies used, they are ecological and built to last over time. They are delivered turnkey, completely finished inside and outside. All have optional features included, normally not existing in the standard specifications used. Leonardo OasiHouse likes to think that their customers are always on vacation by living in their own wellness OasiHouse. For this reason we are attentive to the innovations that most increase the psychophysical well-being of customers who decide to build these splendid homes.

Can I see a Villa of yours under construction?

The Leonardo OasiHouse Villas are made to order. They are also 100% customized by building private premises known only by the owners. To maintain the privacy of each owner, not all buildings are open to visitors. Surely we can show those of the owners who authorize us and which in any case are still under construction and not yet finished.

Can I see a finished Leonardo OasiHouse Villa which has already been delivered to the owners?

For us, the privacy of our customers is sacred. The Villas, when they can be visited, are open until the day before delivery. When the owners are given their OasiHouse, it is company practise and policy not to disturb them for our sales or other needs. Privacy is sacred and we want to respect it at all costs.

Is the innovative construction system used safe?

Our construction systems are innovative because they use the best, safest and most modern technologies existing today and for this reason there is a constant updating of the best construction techniques. This is an extraordinary guarantee that ensures a building that is always in step with the times. The Leonardo OasiHouse Villas are built with materials that are not subject to deterioration to have a very long duration over time. They are also modular and therefore expandable even after years of delivery. The supporting structure, the external envelope and the floors are recognized by the Ministry of Public Works as 100% safe against earthquakes, telluric movements and ground settlements.

Is your construction system also suitable for the construction of buildings?

Yes, the construction system we use is the most advanced, performing and efficient for the construction of buildings or major works.

Are the materials used normally available on the market?

Yes, the materials we use are made by large and very large companies on the free market and which, like us, continue to research and innovate their widely available products.

How many Villas exist with the construction system used?

Our construction system is stable, conservative and constantly updated to offer the best performance. Leonardo OasiHouse is not satisfied and is always looking for the best that sometimes consists of even a single tiny detail. Over 100 Exclusive Villas were built to order in Italy and abroad, after which the Leonardo OasiHouse brand was created. It is aimed at all those committed customers who love aesthetics, beauty and well-done works and who do not like the many headaches related to the management of a construction site during the construction of an important Villa. Leonardo OasiHouse guarantees that during the entire construction phase the owner will be able to feel comfortable and will not have to worry about anything, also because he will be followed in everything until the completion of his Villa.

What are the main features for which I should choose a Leonardo OasiHouse Villa?

Our Villas are eco-sustainable, they do not alter the natural pattern of the environment. They also do not pollute. The constructions are made to last over time, customizable and expandable even long after construction and delivery. The materials used are not subject to degradation and in addition to being eco-sustainable they are also recyclable. They are designed for very high energy savings and high level sound insulation. They protect owners from earthquakes, electromagnetic pollution, fine dust, pollen, mold and more. They are 100% customizable and delivered completely finished inside and outside with everything you need to experience a well-deserved well-being. They also have various intrusion protection systems. There is much much more that will be communicated to you in person.

Is it possible to have a brochure of yours with all the specifications?

Yes, you will be given an updated Brochure of the Leonardo OasiHouse Villas when we meet in person. Our Technical Research & Development Laboratories are constantly at work in researching and monitoring the best materials and technologies to have superlative performance beyond "market standards".

Are the Ville Leonardo OasiHouse prefabricated?

Some structural elements, in relation to the required project, are built in the factory to better meet the high standards required for our homes. Furthermore, the construction is carried out in an innovative and dry way. This system guarantees fast delivery times, equal to or slightly greater than ordinary prefabricated houses.

How can I find out more about the Leonardo OasiHouse Villas?

Come and visit us! You will be our welcome guests for a complete presentation of the Leonardo OasiHouse Villas.